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economic sectors

Construction and Real Estate

Gil & Roa Attorneys attends and delivers practical solutions and sophisticated legal services for the development of business strategies of our clients, both in times of economic adversity, as in times of prosperity. Our group is comprised of real estate law lawyers in different practice areas that come together as a team to serve the needs of the clients of real estate and construction.
The technical vision of our team has developed over several years to cope with multiple problems specific to this industry.
We offer highly specialized guidance and experienced, working for specific goals, as we clearly understand the market. Here are what our team can advise:

•    Legal requirements of land
•    Development of projects and plans for division of horizontal property 
•    Contracts for the sale of real estate, studio titles
•    Legal and administrative to present investment projects before construction financial institutions 
•    Development of design and construction  contracts
•    Legal advice regarding risk and environmental impact
•    Advice on the layout and development of the horizontal property regulations in all its aspects and legal standards
•    Land use and Boundary
•    Advice to minimize tax impact