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economic sectors


Gil & Roa Attorneys provides all legal services required by banks, savings banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and companies related to the insurance industry.
Professionals in this team are specialists in different fields of law (tax, financial, commercial, insurance ...), act in a coordinated and have a firsthand knowledge of the financial sector.
Gil & Roa Attorneys team has a comprehensive, integrated and interdisciplinary group of lawyers who meet the legal specialties required for optimal our best legal advice and legal services to institutions engaged in financial services and get a firm commitment to be their best representatives of the order legal, so give effective solutions in the following topics:
•    Relations with the Financial Supervisory Control and other agencies
•    Fiscal Policy of financial products
•    Audit and statutory audit of financial institutions and insurance
•    Structuring of international financing
•    Establishment of Banks and real estate investment trusts and collective investment schemes
•    Comprehensive advice regarding the problem of the insurance contract
•    Defense and out of court in claims of the insured and / or third