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The services sector has experienced significant growth thanks to the rapid expansion of knowledge-based services and the growth of the tradability of services in general. Today, services account for more than 60% of global output and employment. In commercial terms, account for over 20% of total trade.
Gil & Roa Attorneys represents numerous clients in the services sector including restaurants, franchises, entertainment industry including the recording industry, music, radio, television and film, computer and technology, transportation, personal care and health consulting services, investment and insurance communications (press, radio, Internet), engineering services, logistics and courier, money and other financial and recreation.
The Firm has a team of comprehensive, integrated and interdisciplinary lawyers who meet the legal specialties required for optimal legal advice and best legal services organizations in the services industry and a strong commitment to get to be their best representatives the legal order, we offer a variety of services to our clients, which are summarized as follows:
•    Legal advice for mergers, acquisitions and divisions
•    Corporate legal services. statutory audit, due diligence, audits, tax matters
•    Care and legal advice for franchise development (registration, contract drafting, dispute resolution)
•    Care and Legal advice to proprietary processes, patents, trademarks and copyrights
•    Establishment of partnerships and / or joint ventures for participation in tenders
•    Advice and representation on boards
•    Transformations corporate and company formation S.A.S