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GIL & ROA ATTORNEYS is a law firm that was created in 1989 by attorneys NELSON ROA REYES and RODRIGO REYES OCAMPO, with the permanent council of Dr. FACTER GIL JARAMILLO (Q.E.P.D.), all with the purpose of providing advice legal and financial in the various disciplines of business law.
We offer our clients support and advice during its processes through high performance teams specialized in all areas of law we serve. Our clients ensure the success of their business thanks to our efficient and timely experience.

We develop a relationship with them based on deep commitment we made whereby in addition to being its legal counsel, we are strategic advisors predicting the success of their transactions.
Our firm is a member of important organizations such as LEGAL FORUM INTERNATIONAL, organization that brings together prominent law firms around the world, placing us in your directory for Latin America. In addition our firm is an active member of INTER-AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION (I.B.A) based in Washington and the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF LAWYERS (AEA) based in Alicante