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GIL & ROA ATTORNEYS is a law Firm that was created in August 1989 on the initiative of Lawyers NELSON ROA REYES Y RODRIGO REYES OCAMPO, with the permanent council of Dr. FACTER GIL JARAMILLO (Q.E.P.D.), all with the purpose of providing advice legal and financial in the various disciplines of business law.



Our Firm is recognized nationally and internationally for their level of expertise in all matters relating to the business and commercial law, it is also honorary member of international law in inter-American Bar Association in the U.S. States, the European Association of Lawyers in the European Union and International Legal Forum, Associations that highlighting the best law firms around the world.

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Legal Specialization

Our Firm is constantly looking to be increasingly effective in supporting each and every one of its customers, for this reason specialized groups formed in each of the legal services it provides.
For the previous, cases or services requested by our clients are assigned directly to the group specialized in the corresponding discipline, exploiting, the most of both the academic and legal experience of these professionals and always looking for the best service for their customers.

Topicality News

In this section you will find information on the specialty of the law applied to monthly periodicity that offered to interested users legal tools, interpretations of the law and application of legal rules and institutions of national law.
If you are a lawyer or has a special interest in legal this section will be of much relevant, because the object is to keep you updated on different branches of law.

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