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Administrative Law

Colombian Public administration has as its main function to direct the destinies of the nation, this government, is composed of a central administration is exercised with nationwide coverage and a territorial administration, which is exercised in a decentralized manner.
This government, consists of a set of legal persons under public law to carry multiple public functions, which are provided in the constitution and the law, also is to make this administration the legal persons of private law to which the law attributes to them also the exercise of public functions.
Gil & Roa Attorneys with his team of specialists in administrative law has allowed its customers to find effective channels of communication with the Colombian Civil Service, through the exercise of the rights and through the mechanisms offered by the Administrative Code. Therefore businesses and citizens have received timely and background on issues and topics of interest.
Our Firm for over 20 years been involved legally supporting many businesses and organizations in developing activities and processes of State Procurement and tendering.
With our legal consultancy services specializing in administrative law has accompanied various public entities and other companies in the holding, underwriting, execution, termination and liquidation of state contracts and tender processes and award.
Also on several occasions there have been several administrative claims in order to balance economic contracts when they are disturbed or handled improperly by either party.

Our legal services in administrative law, include:
•    Claims against the nation
•    Public Contracts
•    Contracts under Law 80
•    Constitution of consortium
•    Temporal Unions
•    Promises of future partnership