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Attention of ordinary civil proceedings and executives mixed singular and mortgage

Both the regular process as the executive process are regulated by the code of civil procedure. In the ordinary processes seeks the declaration of a right, since no one is certain of this, for example, in a process of membership sought a declaration of adverse possession for the plaintiff, among the ordinary processes can find the possession, the easements etc. Executive processes in the statement does not look right because that right is already contained in a security or in any document executive merit pay.
Then in the ordinary processes the claim is debatable, while the executive process the claim is undisputed.
Executive processes as its name suggests, is to run the debtor seeking to breach an obligation, but not any obligation, this should be reflected in a document containing a clear obligation, express and enforceable, that obligation must be contained in any security satisfying the requirements of the commercial Code or in any document executive merit pay.
With respect to executive processes in Article 488 of the Code of Civil Procedure provides:
"They can be sued express executor obligations, clear and enforceable as expressed in documents coming from the Debtor or its cause and constitute full proof against him, or arising out of a conviction handed down by judge or court of any jurisdiction, or another legal ruling that has become enforceable under the law, or the measures that law proceedings - administrative or police approve payment of costs or fees assistants brought to justice. A confession made in the course of a process not be enforceable, but stating in the interview referred to in Article 294”
Executive processes are divided into:
•        Process executive of lesser and greater amounts
•        Foreclosure process
•        Process executive pledge
•        Joint Executive Process.
In Gil & Roa Attorneys attend ordinary civil proceedings and executives mixed, singular, and housing all under a framework of efficiency and performance required by our customers.