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Arbitration is the mechanism by which the will of the parties and through an arbitration agreement, is granted compromise private dispute resolution, to an odd number of attorneys called arbitrators, who have jurisdiction investiture in rendering a decision with same legal category and the same effect as a judgment.
It is an agreement entered into by the parties involved in a process and express their willingness to defer the resolution of their conflicts of interest present or future, arising from a contractual relationship or in a state of affairs, justice arbitral jurisdiction being invalidated ordinary.
There are two types of arbitration agreement:
•    The arbitration clause: It is included in a contract whereby the parties involved in a real conflict and present, agree to resolve through arbitration.
•    Commitment: A document that made the parties not having his contract in the arbitration clause, establish solve their dispute through arbitration.
In Gil & Roa Attorneys have a team of lawyers with extensive experience in arbitration proceedings attention to any authorized arbitration center, always seek the greatest benefits, protected by the Law and the Colombian justice for our clients