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International Recruitment

Gil & Roa Attorneys has extensive experience representing clients in USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan and other foreign countries involved in international business activities, our attorneys routinely represent entities that do business internationally and outside Colombia to domestic customers in need of a full-service legal representation in Colombia

 Our Firm is an active member of international associations that bring together law Firms around the world as the European Lawyers Association AEA, and our lawyers and clients have direct access to dozens of the most prominent law Firms with thousands of lawyers in more than 100 countries around the world. These international Firms of course know the details of local politics, customs and cultures of their countries.

Some of our partners and associates now play leading roles in major business organizations, foundations of cutting-business, academics, writers on law, speakers at conferences, active members and directors of school fees of attorneys, all of which ensures a high level of competence in legal practice, financial, economic, organizational, labor and in all other areas of law, equally, it also ensures continuous updating which enables a wide experience and reputation in the world of law and his law practice, all to fulfill the job of being the best legal representatives of our customers.
Our internal capabilities and language proficiency levels include English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian, among others.
Our international experience includes:
- Free Trade Agreements TLC
- Cross-border transactions
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Legal representations overseas customers to protect their brands, products, services, clientele and overall market 
- Constitution of companies abroad with tax benefits
- Stock of asset purchases and asset sales
- Tender Offers, tendering monitoring and the claim
- Joint ventures
- Corporate restructuring and insolvency border
- Project financing
- The capital markets transactions
- Competition Law
- Banking
- Environmental Law
- Status of Consumer and Product Liability