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Corporate Law

The Corporate Law studies the rules governing the company and its business.
The business aims, combine the factors of production in an organized relationship determining that amount of production factors should be used to comply with economic cycles.
The rules regarding the operation of the company are dissimilar and are derived from the various categories of rights that have been created over time, each based on interpretative positions and in order to solve particular problems.
The company as an institution has not been defined unanimously, and the norms of contemporary traditional definitions assimilate the concept to commercial society.
The corporation in its traditional notion is the subject of law, is considered a university and has rights to the separate assets of partners, and generally recognized by a legal fiction as a moral entity or person.
Gil & Roa Attorneys has represented and represents the legal interests of a considerable number of Colombian companies listed in the TOP 100 ranking Colombian Business, in addition to this, currently provides legal services to international organizations, ONGs

•    Our Corporate Law Group is organized into several areas including:

•    Constitution of societies, S.A.S., and forward -TLC
•    Constitution of societies offshore abroad
•    Constitution of societies with tax benefits 
•   Corporate transformations, mergers and demergers 
•   Development and reform of corporate laws, implementation of corporate governance  standards and protocols family. 
•    Development of commercial contracts
•    Processes of maritime and aeronautical 
•    Negotiations and acquisitions
•   Technology transfer and foreign investment 
•    Representation on boards
•    Insolvency Regime, recovery and salvage business – Law 550 of 1999 and 1116. 2006 
•    Private agreements of corporate insolvency
•    Settlements in court and corporate voluntary  
•    Conflict resolution business 
•    Processes of unfair competition, antitrust (Antitrust) 
•    Processes of intellectual property
•    Registration of trademarks and patents
•    Exclusion and removal of the member- problem
•    Arbitration and conciliation processes 
•    Care business processes and compensation for personal injury in the U.S through our member firms
•    International recruitment
•    Processes of fiscal responsibility to the comptroller