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Energy Law, Oil and Petroleum

With the knowledge and great experience in the application of the rules necessary for the development of the oil, gas and electricity in the Colombian energy legal environment, we have a team of highly trained professionals to resolve the vast majority of issues may occur within this specialty.
We advise corporations on issues of Electric Power (Activities, production, transportation, distribution and marketing, supply assurance and the Production of Electricity) and issues of Oil (Exploration, Operation Research and Management Market-products of petroleum and Assurance of Supply, Gas Supply Planning fuels through pipelines, regasification, transportation, storage, distribution and gaseous fuels)
Gil & Roa Attorneys  has considerable experience in the mining and energy sector and has advised domestic and foreign renowned companies in the mining and hydrocarbons in all aspects of operations required to establish short, medium and long term. The Firm assists clients in all matters relating to the exploration and exploitation of natural resources, power generation, oil, petroleum and mining.