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Environmental Law

It is essential to understand the importance of the subject, remember that human beings live in a natural environment (planet earth), which is the basis of life and development. The human being is embedded and developed in an environment that conditions and which in turn modifies its action.
The essential components of the environment are: water, air, land and living things, which are in close relationship with Biosphere providing the necessary balance for the various forms of life are maintained and developed. The alteration of such components and harm the ecological balance can cause severe damage to any life form and in any case, impair the quality of human life. Certain changes have been occurring in varying degrees in recent decades by the application of cultural, social and economic not sufficiently take into account the "environmental impact" of certain types of abusive exploitation of natural resources, the use of certain substances potentially harmful industries and technologies and the energy preference for "unclean".
The environmental law in Colombia is a set of legal rules aimed at protecting the environment. A key objective of environmental standards is to combat pollution in all its forms, ie the introduction by citizens or companies, directly or indirectly, of substances or energy into the natural environment, which produces or can produce such deleterious effects as harm to living resources, hazards to human health in general and negatively affect any of the uses to which the environment itself may be put.
Has a team of lawyers who know and apply Environmentalists around the compendium of standards of Colombian legislation on the subject of the environment, so that is able to assist people or organizations interested in suing entities that are somehow causing damage to any of our environmental resources.