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Family Law

In a sense own and limited, the family consists of father, mother and children living under one roof. In a broad sense, it is usually included in the close relatives who are from the same stock or have close ties of affinity.
The normal family, which takes morality and the law protects, is the one structure on marriage. Admittedly, however, that the family are also based on a simple union concubinage, it is clear that our family current law makes no distinction between legitimate and extramarital children.
Family Law is the set of rules governing the establishment, organization and dissolution of the family as a group, and personal aspects of an economic nature.
Our legal services in family law, include:

•    Care proceedings concerning family law and divorce, filiation, paternity, especially for  food and other persons that are established and living abroad.
•    Inheritance before Judges and Notaries
•    Care processes interdiction
•    Cancellation of family heritage
•    Renaming a notary