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Divorce, affiliations, parenting, food

The descent in Colombia is the source of children from parents is a right that everyone has from the time of procreation, is the legal relationship established between the persons to whom the law places on the status of father and mother and those located in the children, so that biological reality is collected by our legal system, giving them rights and obligations between 
Gil & Roa Attorneys attending proceedings relating to divorce and separation, depending on the rite that the couple has chosen to contract marriage, mainly the firm has become very strong advising nationals residing abroad and foreigners who wish to end their relationship or marriage relationship, so our clients hire us from countries like USA, CANADA, PANAMA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, FRANCE, HOLLAND, ITALY, ENGLAND, JAPAN, among others, also, from the outside hire us to meet the demands of parenting, attachment quota of food, adoptions, affiliation, recognition of children outside of marriage become a part of the personal rights also becomes patrimonial rights, estates with or without a will, among other services.
Gil & Roa Attorneys developing our portfolio of legal services in family law, seeks to maximize the protection of family members, seeking to cause the minimum possible damage to the environment and their family members, caring about all the emotional integrity of children under entered into this relationship.
To resolve these events have a wide range of legal procedures that ostensibly seek to reduce harm caused in this type of family conflicts.
Within the legal tools to address conflicts in family life serve as indicated, Process of Divorce, Separation Processes, People, People Deposits, Marital Dissolution of the Company, Trial Food or alimony, Trial custody of the couple's children, Judgment on Paternity and Filiation, Custody Trial, Judgment Rectification of vital records, Uncontested Divorce Trial, Judgment of Divorce needed, denounces criminal domestic violence, etc.