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Inheritance before Judges and Notaries

Once a person dies, it is appropriate to start by their heirs, the succession process for the purpose of the heritage of the first formal and legally be transmitted to the latter entitled to inherit.
It's the same law that establishes who are heirs and which determines the rules for succession tested, in the case of persons who have died leaving a will.
The process of succession upon death, admits two acts: the judiciary, in the event that not all are heirs agree to carry out the succession, which is established to the family courts and the attorney -more-prompt, when the heirs agree together how they will distribute the assets that are part of having Probate.
Not relevant to any of the heirs, or all unanimously have assets that are part of the succession, unless they have these formally awarded in the respective process of succession, warning that emphasizes mainly the case of real estate, for, while not award is made thereof to the heirs, simply follow the lead property of the deceased at the offices of public records instruments, resulting in inadequate then the act of buying and selling done that way.
Gil & Roa Attorneys provides expert advice to legal succession process or attorney attached to the legislation, rules and regulations and also taking into account the different events and environments of the family environment generated by these processes.