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Processes of medical liability for negligence or malpractice

If you have suffered damage to their health as a result of medical or surgical intervention, is entitled to payment of material and moral damage. The damage caused can come from loss of income for labor inactivity, loss of emotional stability, loss of ability to relate to other people or the reduction or loss of ability to use an organ or body member.
We provide legal advice throughout the process to enforce their rights. Likewise, we invite you to learn more about our services:
•    Medical Liability
•    Claims against plastic surgeons malpractice
•    Lawsuits against hospitals, clinics
•    Medical malpractice, hospital malpractice, failure to postoperative care and responsibility

Gil & Roa Attorneys develops all acts within the course of their work, their activities fall within the responsibility of media in a responsible manner and with the understanding that his business depends on the decisions of judicial and administrative authorities.

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