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Labor Law

Gil & Roa Attorney by reason of having a significant presence in corporate law, represented the legal interests of a considerable number of Colombian companies listed in the TOP 100 ranking Colombian Business, implemented as in other airlines the right, a quality policy and excellence in the care of corporate labor law, given that proper management of labor relations and is a major factor in the development and continuity of any company, our experience in counseling and care labor processes for over twenty years, has shown that despite the great technology that can have a company, there must be an adequate legal management of human resources to manage, support and potencialice, the same technology, otherwise, production processes and improvement, can be seriously compromised.
 Gil & Roa Attorneys enjoys a strong reputation for its history to provide a quality service in the area of labor law and thus has the best team of lawyers specializing in labor law, social security and organizational policies, some of our lawyers have worked in the private company senior management personnel and human resources in general also are teaching labor law at various universities, ensuring a permanent and appropriate updating of all labor laws.
Our services cover a wide range of activities ranging from personal care labor process, conciliation hearings with the Ministry of Social Protection, mediation in labor disputes, assisting in prosecution of charges and countercharges, claims an appeal before the Supreme Court Justice, development and maintenance of internal labor regulations, creating internal disciplinary code, create a code of ethical conduct and corporate governance, contract development and service delivery, employment policies, advice on collective bargaining workers, providing expertise in occupational health, organizational climate and safety, among others.
We have a team of lawyers who devote their practices exclusively to issues of labor law and social security. This concentration has allowed us to become a firm highly specialized in this field and be recognized as authorities on labor and social security nationwide. Our clients include private companies and public companies ranging from large to small businesses in the domestic market, regional and local levels. We represent a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, sales, food industry, distribution, utilities, communications, transportation, utilities, health and education.
Our attorneys offering free advice and training to human resource managers, frontline managers and supervisors of our clients in labor and social security.
Our attorneys advise clients on a regular basis in the development and implementation of plans of action, proactively, and in the formulation and revision of policies and practices to avoid litigation and disputes with unions.
Program regularly lectures and seminars in the areas of human resources and management to keep customers informed on new and emerging issues in the field of labor law and provide the opportunity for preventive counseling that allows customers to avoid problems often they can develop, this preventive policy has been very successful in the workplace.
Our lawyers are frequently called upon to participate in seminars and conferences for lawyers and human resource professionals on current topics in the field of labor law and are part of the college of labor lawyers. The Bar Association is a professional non-profit organization, which honors the top lawyers in the region and membership is only performed by invitation only.
Our services in labor law and social security comprise:
•    Personalized business processes
•    Hearing Care for conciliation by the Ministry of Social Protection
•    Legal support to collective labor disputes
•    Assistance in proceedings of charges and discharges  
•    Legal support to occupational accidents
•    Presentation of claims on appeal before the Supreme Court
•    Create, review and / or updating of internal labor regulations 
•    Create, review and / or internal disciplinary code update
•    Creation of codes of ethics, conduct and corporate governance
•    Preparation of employment contracts and service delivery
•    Adoption of labor policies
•    Advice on workers´ collective bargaining
•    Seminars and lectures on rules and laws that must know the employer and employee social security issues
•    Procedures related to guardianships, courts or tribunals requirements, research from the Ministry of Social Protection 
•    Termination of employment contracts for cause, by mutual agreement or unilaterally
Personal attention to work processes