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Advice on workers´ collective bargaining

Collective bargaining is the process through which one or more employers are related to one or more trade union organizations, in order to establish common working conditions and salaries for a certain time.
Our firm has participated in different types of collective bargaining with trade unions and non-unionized workers, has professionals specialized in labor with sufficient experience and training to represent employers in negotiations with the unions, whether in celebration of a new contract or collective agreement, negotiation of conditions, specifications and even Working Rules and the revision thereof.
We intervene in negotiations with the union reviewing and analyzing the union's proposals and the consequences of being accepted, proposing the employer in each case, counter or ways to solve the conflict without going to wear as strikes, labor investigations for violations of trade union or individual work demands.
Overall our firm can intervene in the negotiations of a collective nature, including those that relate to interpretation or alleged violations of the same.
We specialize in:
•    Preparation and conclusion of collective agreements and internal work regulations
•    Studies for the evaluation and control of unions
•    Completion of collective labor relations
•    Negotiation of all types of disputes