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Assistance measures of charges and discharges

Many companies often heard on releases its employees for behaviors and events that threaten the labor standard or internal labor regulations, this being an increasingly common practice when trying to determine responsibility for actions carried out and conforms to it, impose for each offense, which can range from verbal reprimand to termination of employment contract unilaterally, and for just cause, proper care of releases not only gives the employee the opportunity to defend themselves and be heard, but also serve to pre-oriented to be evidence that the reasons were the ones who forced the company to punish the employee, and these were fair and appropriate to give if necessary, terminate the employment relationship, only to cancel the settlement work and avoid payment of compensation, and also to avoid labor disputes the worker to his employer, which wears the employer and the process repeated losses hit hard the company's finances and performance indicators of its directors, all in most of the time, for lack of adequate employment advice

This can discipline labor relations so as not to become an unprofessional practice and discredits that goes against due process and then, every company should strive generically and in favor of allowing the exercise of employee rights in their defense, such as legal counsel in making disclaimers, if desired, provide evidence in his defense and controvert, present their closing arguments and be entitled to a second disciplinary instance.
Our Firm for his career in business management gives appropriate legal from the labor law of such processes and to formalize this type of administrative labor practices.