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Legal support to Accidents at work

When working for a company or when hiring employees, it is important to understand what is meant by accident.
An employee can happen a number of accidents but not all can be classified as an accident.
This differentiation and identification are important because this will determine who will attend the accident, as in the case of an accident at work, care and disability payments is in charge of the professional risk manager [ARP] which is affiliated the company, and if it is not an accident at work, care and disability payments is responsible to the company providing health [EPS] to which the employee is affiliated.
An accident at work is that accident which is directly related to the development of the employee will labor activities. Is this accident has happened while the worker developed a work activity.
Many times because of the activity of the worker or employee can become a bit complicated differentiation leaving in limbo the affected mostly in relation to pay and disability compensation by the ARP or EPS. So that is very important that the affected are in a firm like ours all the necessary legal support for the resolution of your case.