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Preparation of employment contract and service delivery

For a company to develop its corporate purpose, requires staff to be able to operate and this staff should be recruited by two legal forms of involvement of these staff, either through an employment contract or through a service contract.
When a labor contract is settled in due form for any reason, cease all legal relationships between the parties and all liability between the parties, and in the event of signing a new contract, all start from zero again as if there had been no previous contract.
The called "old" would operate only in cases where not discharged properly the employment contract. Our firm provides advice supported by the latest legal provisions of the Labor Code and adjusted to any legislation of labor law and OIT standards adopted by our legislation.
A service contract does not involve the same conditions, or requirements of an employment contract, as in the case of a service contract, the obligation is to do something, but not to meet a schedule, or have a permanent subordination, but in both cases, obviously no compensation.
It is very common for companies to avoid paying contributions levies and social security staff hired for services, but the labors and the actual conditions of service development are to be given budgets to be considered an employment relationship, because if there subordination, met a schedule, etc.., cannot speak of the provision of services, in this case the Supreme Court case law has issued the contract called reality, where no matter the language or clauses of the contract, but what really happened in that employment relationship between employee and employer
In contracts for services does not generate employment and social benefits and are held for a period strictly necessary and may be civil or commercial, depending on the assignment (if results in a commercial contract will be governed by commercial law, however the provision of services relating to professions governed by civil law).
Our Firm assertively supports the creation and drafting of contracts for services that protect the interests of the client and also on all the legal requirements that the contractor must meet in order to perform the service.