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Tax and Statutory Auditor

Gil & Roa Attorneys  has a highly specialized team of lawyers to provide the best service in corporate affairs for companies, taking the reality of frontier expansion product of the internationalization of business, increased exports and imports and international operations, the agreements and TLC signed with countries like USA, Canada, Chile, Korea, European Union (under negotiation), Mexico and all South American countries, for which we tend and advise our clients in the following aspects:
•    Tax consulting at national, departmental and municipal
•    Assistance and legal advice in tax planning, paperwork returns, allowances, or exemptions to the tax authority DIAN competent
•    Claims appropriate tax treatment – reviews, revocations, government cannel resources
•    Legal support in international investment law changes
•    Support and counsel of foreign investment in Colombia ( see manual for investment and hiring in Colombia)
•    Consulting contract to reduce the tax impact
•    Statutory tax according to the specific requirements of the company
•    Conduct tax audits and tax